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MASS Series Dining Chair -Natural Wood & Copper Frame-



無垢の小国杉を背と座に用いたダイニングアームチェア。杉の重量感と対比したフレームの構成が木素材の価値を高めてくれる様な、軽快さを産み自然環境のように風通りの良さを感じさせるプロダクトです。 Dining arm chair with backrest and seat made of solid Oguni cedar wood. The composition of the light frame in contrast to the solid texture of the Oguni Sugi enhances the value of the wooden materials and gives nice, light and airy feelings to the product just like the natural environment itself. Base Fabric : Maharam 008 Sycamore Size: W590 D670 SH420 AH610 ※予告なく製品の仕様、価格が改定となる場合がございます。予めご了承ください。Please note that product specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.